My 4th Cd "Folklore & Superstitions" is NOW AVAILABLE !!

The Foxman Apocalypsepic

The Foxman Apocalypse

Come join in the mayhem known as Foxman Music 
Foxman Jun 30, 2014

Foxman Skull Beads

How cool is this !!! I try to do what I can to keep all my work affordable for everyone without sacrificing any quality. For…
Foxman Mar 29, 2014
Foxman Asylum Promo Flyerpic

Foxman Asylum Promo Flyer

Enter at your own risk !! Foxman Music is a meandering venture down the crossroads of life which is guaranteed to pick at your soul…
Foxman Mar 29, 2014
Where's The Sun by the Foxman Crazy Like A Foxvid

"Where's The Sun" by the Foxman (Crazy Like A Fox)

YIKES !! This is the new video for my vampire song "Where's The Sun". Enter with caution, there are lots of thrills and chills lurking…
Foxman Mar 01, 2014

Foxman 007 Promo Flyer

Thought you would all get a kick out of this one :) I have a whole line of new promo flyers coming out over the…
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Foxman Feb 15, 2014
Foxman Music Advertisementvid

Foxman Music Advertisement

This video is a 15 second promotion for Foxman Music. I guarantee it will be THE most memorable 15 seconds that you have in your…
Foxman Feb 02, 2014
Jingle Bells by the Foxman Folklore Superstitionsvid

"Jingle Bells" by the Foxman (Folklore & Superstitions)

This is my homemade video for "Jingle Bells" (track #11 on my recent 'Folklore & Superstitions" Cd). The video is made up of pictures and…
Foxman Jan 01, 2014


BLACK FRIDAY NEWS: Looking for that perfect Black Friday stocking stuffer gift for the music connoisseurs in your life. Well look no further, in honor…
Foxman Nov 29, 2013
Ne'er Do Well by the Foxman Folklore Superstitionsvid

"Ne'er Do Well" by the Foxman (Folklore & Superstitions)

Download song at iTunes: Music Home: (lyrics, Cd sales, downloads, etc) Foxman Art Studio: (Cd & Art Sales)Foxman at Facebook: Mojohut (cigar…
Foxman Nov 24, 2013
Ne'er Do Well Official Video Release on 11-24-13pic

"Ne'er Do Well" Official Video Release on 11-24-13

COMING SOON !!! the video for "Ne'er Do Well" will be officially released on Sunday, Nov 24, 2013. For more info, please visit my home website…
Foxman Nov 12, 2013
Art On The Waterpic

Art On The Water

Had a blast at the Art On The Water festival on Harbour Island in downtown Tampa Bay (Sept 14, 2013). Sold a lot of Cd's…
Foxman Sep 15, 2013
Same Old Troubles by the Foxman Folklore Superstitionsvid

"Same Old Troubles" by the Foxman (Folklore & Superstitions)

Alright all you freaks and kick ass music music fans. Here it is ... the groundbreaking video for my lucky voodoo song "Same Old Troubles"…
Foxman Aug 29, 2013
Into The Unknown by the Foxman Like The Freak You Arevid

"Into The Unknown" by the Foxman (Like The Freak You Are)

This video is like riding on an old fashioned wooden rollercoaster through purgatory !! Lots of work went in to the creation of this video…
Foxman Aug 14, 2013

Foxman Music - Home

This is the official home website for Foxman Music. My new Folklore & Superstitions Cd is now available. Cd & artwork sales, videos, song lyrics…
Foxman Jul 23, 2013
Disgruntled by the Foxman Like The Freak You Arevid

"Disgruntled" by the Foxman (Like The Freak You Are)

I'm Back !!!!!! Seems Zoltar was a bit upset with my "Shadows" video, so he cast a nasty gypsy curse upon yours truly. Thanks to…
Foxman Jun 16, 2013
Shadows by the Foxman Like The Freak You Arevid

"Shadows" by the Foxman (Like The Freak You Are)

Now for something completely different. What do Elvis, Zoltar and the Foxman have in common ? You will just have to watch the video to…
Foxman Jun 06, 2013
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    Thanks for stopping by ! I am an Independent artist/songwriter from the Tampa Bay area. I currently have 3 self-released Cd's and numerous artworks to my credit. My 4th Cd, titled "Folklore & Superstitions", will be released on April 1,2013. I have a very dedicated cult following and I am best known for being a creative writer .... which means things can get a bit freaky at times :) Some song themes include: vampires, doppelgangers, CIA, hauntings, smoking, freemasons, faith, nostalgia, voodoo/lucky mojo, mafia, strip clubs, etc. If you are an open minded person with a passion for the rebellion known as Independent Music then this is where you need to be. If you want more, please visit my home website at (this site ROCKS !!). Thank You !! ~ Foxman
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